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  • Allow us to tailor make an interesting itinerary
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch when venturing out
  • Treatments drawn from natural healing
  • The hotel location affords a lot of activities within a 10-15 km range
  • Deep sea fishing, diving, exploring of shipwrecks…let us know what you want to do

Bentota captures the heart and soul of island living, featuring laid back fisherman, charming tropical dwellings and peace-loving locals.

Within the boundaries of the Bentota village you will find an age-old local cinnamon trade, still in action, and plenty of opportunities to go fishing or diving among rich aquatic life. Saman Villas would be pleased to tailor an itinerary to include some of the island’s most fascinating and diverse offerings that lie within a 10 to 15 km radius of Bentota.



Cycle Track

Enjoy a scenic cycle tour across picturesque paddy fields, a 125 years old Katukoliha temple with its ‘Dagaba’ located at the highest point of elevation, Dutch architectural houses, the mullegoda temple with beautiful murals and the Dedduwa lake. Ideal trip for nature lovers to experience the scenic beauty of village life.

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Walking Track-thumb

Walking Trail

Enjoy a scenic trekking route across picturesque paddy fields and streams in a typical village. The trek will cover the 125 years old Katukoliha temple with its ‘Dagaba’ located at the highest point of elevation in the Bentota – Aturuwella area. This ancient temple has attractive wooden & terracotta carvings and statues that belong to ancient architectural styles in Sri Lanka. The site offers panoramic views and it is an ideal visit during the evening hours to see the sunset. You may also see houses which have been built according to Dutch architectural styles. Towards the end of the journey you will pass by beautiful marshy lands with variety of birds.

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Brief Garden

Distance from Saman Villas – 13 kilometers
Location – Kalawila

Developed over a period of fifteen years by Bevis Bawa, a well known Sri Lankan artist, and the elder brother of famed architect, Geoffrey Bawa, the garden is aesthetically laid out on five acres of land and is noted for its lush vegetation. The wide variety of tropical trees, plants and sculptures that dot the garden is a true representation of all the energies that Bevis put into Brief. Bevis Bawa passed away in 1992 but the Brief garden continues to be maintained in just the way it was envisioned to be. Well worth the trip if you are a nature lover.



Buddhist Temple, Kande Viharaya

Distance from Saman Villas – 6 Kilometers
Location – Aluthgama

The Kande Viharaya temple has a long history, dating back to 1734 and continues to this day to be an important link in the Buddhist cultural and religious activities of Sri Lanka. Observe devotees dressed in white as they flock the temple grounds daily.



Water Sports

Distance from Saman Villas – 5 Kilometers
Location – Bentota

A wide range of water sports activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, mono skiing, wake boarding, banana boat rides, wind surfing and cannoning are available.



Dutch Fort

Distance from Saman Villas – 50 Kilometers
Location – Galle

Located in the coastal town of Galle, this ancient Dutch Fort has now been declared a ‘World Heritage’ site. After the capture of the town of Galle from the Portuguese in 1640, the Dutch East India Co. (VOC) began constructing fortifications that covered approximately eighty- seven acres of land. Interesting sites within the ramparts of the fort include the original gateway, traditional Dutch buildings, the light house, the first maritime museum of Sri Lanka and a Dutch church built in 1752. A day trip to the Galle Dutch Fort is an experience in itself and well worth the time.



Fish Market

Distance from Saman Villas – 10 Kilometers
Location – Beruwala

For guests interested in finding out how a typical fish market operates in Sri Lanka… Witness how the night’s catch is auctioned off to retail sellers. Active from 5.30 am to 8.00 am daily, except on Poya days. A word of caution that noise levels can be deafening.




Distance from Saman Villas – 90 Kilometers
Location – Udugama

Kanneliya, covering an extent of 10,140 hectares, is a forest complex located in southern Sri Lanka which was designated as an important biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO. Excluding the Sinharaja rain forest, Kanneliya is acknowledged as the only remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka. Identified as one of the richest areas in terms of flora, in the whole of South Asia, the forest reserve is located approximately 35 Kilometers northwest of the city of Galle. Kanneliya is a must visit for nature lovers.




Distance from Saman Villas – 7 Kilometers
Location – Bentota

The Lunuganga estate was the beautifully landscaped country home of the famed Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Lunuganga, with its rare flora, is a real treat for nature lovers. The garden is open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm daily with an entrance fee payable at the gate. A guided tour is also available on request.



Maduganga River Safari

Distance from Saman Villas – 18 Kilometers
Location – Balapitiya

Cruise through the mangroves and a host of little islands along a river resplendent with natural beauty. Boat rides and lagoon fishing can be easily arranged for your enjoyment.The Maduganga wetland is considered to be one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka and nature lovers should set aside some time for a visit.



Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Distance from Saman Villas – 80 Kilometers
Location – South-West area of Sri Lanka

The Sinharaja forest reserve covers several different provinces and districts in the country and is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot. The forest reserve gained international significance after having been designated a biosphere reserve and world heritage site by the UNESCO organization.The reserve stretches approximately twenty-two kilometers from east to west and seven kilometers from north to south. Despite its compact size, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is abundant in endemic species that includes insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and trees.



Turtle Conservation Project

Distance from Saman Villas – 10 Kilometers
Location – Kosgoda

Watch turtles in their natural habitat…you may even get to see turtles laying eggs in the evening hours. The Turtle Conservation Project is the only place where turtles are not held in captivity and therefore we strongly recommend that you visit this location instead of other hatcheries.Located only twenty minutes away from Saman Villas, a day’s notice is required for a visit. Set a date to see the five species of turtles found in Sri Lanka and the survival threats that turtles face.




Whale and Dolphin watching – (November through April only)

Distance from Saman Villas – 95 Kilometers

Total time spent at sea – Three to four hours
Location – Deep sea location, one hour from the Mirissa harbour

Whale and Dolphin watching is thrilling activity and well worth the approx. two hour early morning commute to the Mirissa harbour and the one hour ride out to deep sea. The hotel will provide guests with packed breakfast and bottled water. One hour will be spent watching the largest mammals on the planet.




Deep Sea Fishing / River Cruising

Distance from Saman Villas – 4 Kilometers
Location – Bentota

Available for your pleasure with prior appointment.





Distance from Saman Villas – 4 to 6 Kilometers
Location – Bentota and Aluthgama

Diving facilities are available in Bentota and Aluthgama.